TCA Chelated

TCA Chelated 20%-30% is recommended for the treatment of sagging skin. This clay-based product is easy to use, without neutralizing.
Via a process known as chelation, TCA benefits from homogenic penetration with rapid application. The “chelated” trichloroacetic acid instantly gives a homogenous covering. The goal is to produce a medium peel and refine the keratin structure of the epidermis.





Instructions for use

Cleanse the skin with Prepeel Cleanser. Leave it on for 1 minute before rinsing thoroughly with water and dry gently.

Quickly apply Chelated Lotion with a brush, starting with the most resistant areas of the face (forehead and upper lip) smoothing gently towards the outer edges. Leave the mask to act for 1 to 2 minutes and observe the frosting by making a window.

Rinse with a wet wipe dampened with cold water without scrubbing, as soon as the desired coating is obtained. Stop the cleaning with a damp wipe.

Apply K Ceutic immediately after the peel and during the whole desquamation period. The skin will have a whitish appearance, sometimes frosted, for 15 minutes, and will then take on a pink color for a few hours. The color will then stabilize as brown-pink. The treated areas will begin to exfoliate towards the 3rd day. A check-up will be planned for the 8th day.

Skin will have a whitish appearance, sometimes frosted, for half an hour, and will then take on a pink colour for a few hours. The colour will then stabilise as brown-pink. The treated areas will begin to exfoliate towards the 3rd day until the 7th or 8th day. A check-up will be programmed for the 8th day.

Preparation of skin

Yes, follow instructions.

Post peel Follow-up

Before peeling, skin permeability may be obtained using the following treatments:

Facial Lotion C 20, face and neck cream ACL 740 771 0
Facial Sunscreen, sunscreen is compulsory for 1 month ACL 469 820 4

After make-up removal using Cleanser Sensitive Skin (ACL 741 837 5) apply according to skin type:
Phytic Cream, night cream (sensitive or blotchy skin) ACL 740 773 3
Enhanced Cream, night cream (normal or combination skin) ACL 741 838 1
Advanced C Cream, (skin accustomed to applications of glycolic acid or vitamin A acid) ACL 741 834 6

2 weeks after the peel, gradually introduce the above home-treatment.

Medium peel - Medical use only

Trichloroacetic acid
Indications :
  • Irregular skin tone
  • Dull skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigment spots
  • Hyperkeratosis


Kit for 25 treatments
60 ml bottle of Pre-Peel glycolic acid 20%
60 ml bottle of TCA Chelated Lotion 20% or 30%
Precautions :
  • Do not use on pregnant patients
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Irritated and damaged skin
  • Hight phototypes (4 and 5)